Margaux Avril

Vanessa Sposi offers you to discover her most inspiring Muses and invites you to meet Margaux Avril, a Parisian with as many facets as talents.

Of Franco-American origin, Margaux shares her personality through her art: words, images, and photos that the singer, author, composer, photographer, and influencer shares with us.

We invite you to discover her universe, her journey, that of an artist who seems to have lived 1000 lives, her view on Eco-responsible fashion and Upcycling, her inspirations and future projects.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I draw my inspiration first of all from my personal stories, even if I still have a very modest relationship with telling my life and my feelings. I don’t think anyone suspects 1/4 of what I’ve been through because I still find it hard to talk about it. But there are inevitably words and moods that emanate from it and that’s what I try to convey.

I draw it from everyday life, from a light, an atmosphere, from the “poetry of everyday life”. Obviously I am certainly influenced by all the contents I discover on Instagram & Pinterest, but also of course in cinema, literature, photography, fashion. I also listen to more and more podcasts. I also spend more time on philosophical and psychological works, I tend to find a lot of links between the two, and the discovery of hypersensitivity pushes me to work more on self-knowledge.

I will also talk about it – without claiming to be a specialist at all – on my new site, which will be a more open platform than a portfolio and will be accompanied by a newsletter. I will put all my creations, my inspirations, my collaborations, everything that is dear to my heart, that challenges me, moves me, animates me. I will also invite people from all walks of life to talk to me about recurring themes that are close to my heart.

Who is your muse? & What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

I don’t really have a “muse”… Generally speaking, those who inspire me are creative, committed, “open”. There are many accounts that I love to follow, it’s hard to choose! Every week, I come across some accounts that I really like… So I make a non-exhaustive list : @c__l__o@ad_magazine @philosophyissexy @Tmagazine @donotsitonthefurniture @goodmoods @academynewyork @oraclefox @maison_matisse…

What is the most memorable place you have traveled to? Your favorite sunny destinations?

For the moment it was the opposite of a summer destination: but Iceland was a powerful trip. In the same “volcanic island” spirit, Hawaii was also an intense trip. But I was younger, I was less aware of the luck I had, and especially of the majesty and energy of this island.

To go to the sun, I love the French Riviera, Italy, and Greece (especially the islands of Patmos and Symi) that I discovered last summer… Friendly people, wild nature, joie de vivre, fascinating colors and lights… and of course travel partners that I love deeply… All this makes these trips unforgettable.

A secret or hidden talent ?

I cook rather well…

How do you see eco-responsible fashion?

I try to be part of this movement as much as possible. In any case, I’m very sensitive to it. Of course, I’m not perfect yet, but I’m working on it. I am aware that I have been part of the problem for a long time, and that it is imperative to move towards a much more thoughtful, sustainable, responsible and ethical consumption.

I no longer buy impulsively, I rarely succumb to the effects of fashion and I really prefer to offer myself timeless pieces, which I always intend to keep for years. I “upcycle” my clothes as much as possible: I call upon a sewing service to touch up the pieces that no longer fit me. I prefer natural materials and the most eco-responsible possible. The same goes for working conditions, production lines, manufacturing lines… I do my research, I get as much information as possible, and I avoid brands with deplorable criteria.

I would like to take my approach a little further, and in my own way, notably by exchanging on these subjects with much more competent people and giving them a voice in order to arouse more curiosity about all this, to make more eco-responsible initiatives known, and to be able to guide all those who, like me, want to change their habits in the right way without it being scary. In a playful, simple, and caring way, we can change things.

3 words to define your world ?

Solar, poetic, spontaneous.

“In a playful, simple, and caring way, we can change things…”