Rencontre avec vanessa sposi


In the beginning, there is the Sea, the one that cradles the childhood memories of the creator on a beach on the Emerald Coast.

After growing up in Brittany, Vanessa first moved to London where she drew inspiration from the creative energy of the English capital, then to Paris to study at a fashion school and start a career in the marketing and communication departments of ready-to-wear brands.

Today, the designer is unveiling her own eponymous Summerwear label, the fruit of her passion for the sea, fashion and clean cosmetics and a real awareness of how we “consume” clothes. The way to find ourselves in the essential through a more sustainable and reasoned approach to fashion.

His influences and intuitions give birth to models with cuts that combine minimalist vintage aesthetics, a sense of detail and sculpting silhouettes, declined in mineral shades that will become the essential of your summer wardrobe.