We favour the sourcing of materials from regenerative, organic, renewable and recycled sources, and are committed to promoting biodiversity through our material choices.

We understand that each fibre has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of environmental impact and that there is no silver bullet. However, we are careful to assess the environmental impact of all the fabrics we use and the sustainability of the production of these materials is paramount, in addition to taking into account the life cycle of these materials.

Working with ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon has already built the eco-responsible and ethical fashion of tomorrow, far from the excesses of fast fashion, overproduction, and poor quality raw materials.

At VANESSA SPOSI we believe that it is our responsibility to give the impulse and offer everyone the possibility to consume differently.

And this can start with a fishing net abandoned on the bottom of the sea.


The majority of ou main fabric is made with ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated fiber from nylon waste.

The ECONYL® Regeneration System starts with rescuing waste otherwise polluting the Earth, like fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring and industrial plastic all over the world. That waste is then sorted and cleaned to recover all of the nylon possible.

Through a racial regeneration and purification process, the nylon waste is recycled right back to its originality purity. That means ECONYL® regenerated nylon is exactly the same as fossil-based nylon.

The ECONYL® regenerated nylon is then precessed into textile yarn and woven or knitted into high quality fabric.

This fabric is impressive in terms of comfort and durability – ans has superior resistance to degradation by chlorine, iodine’s sun creams & oils.

The result are bathing suits are that are good for your body & planet .

Read about Econyl® yarn.

Our Antioxidant Liners

Buttery-soft swimwear styles are infused with skin nourishing Antioxidants rich in Vitamin E and soothing Aloe Vera to beautify and soften precious moisture in the skin on sun soaked days to help with prevention of skin ageing, free-radicals and stretch marks through deep hydration.

Healing Antioxidants are micro-encapsulated into the fibre of the fabric.
The body activates the life force of the material and nutrients infuse the skin to enhance hydration, softness and luminosity. 
Our fabrics are individually created to capture the beautifying, skin nourishing properties of plants and nature.


There are a variety of factors that can cause skin aging. Much of this “premature skin aging” is the result of free radical activity in the body. Environmental factors such as pollution and sunlight generate free radicals in the skin.


Antioxidants are naturally occurring substances that can offer protection against the harmful effects of free radicals on skin cells.

The combination of vitamin E and aloe vera helps protect the skin from the effects of oxidation.

What is an antioxidant swimsuit and how does microencapsulation work?

  1. This technology selects the most suitable cosmetics for each function. These cosmetics are micro-encapsulated.
  2. Microencapsulation technology, the microcapsules are incorporated into the polyamide yarn during the spinning process; they are therefore fixed inside and outside the nylon filaments.
  3. Cosmetotextile TECHNOLOGY the contents of the microcapsules are released when the garment is used in contact with body heat.
  4. This technology provides the skin with cosmetic benefits during the use of the garment.


As with our swimwear, all materials used for VANESSA SPOSI garments are carefully and intentionally selected for minimal impact on the environment.

For summer clothing, we focus on natural fibres such as cotton and linen.