beauty drink by Claire Andreewitch

We are dreaming of our next Summer escape with Claire Andreewitch, we are excited to share her Summer Beauty Drink.

Raspberry, which gives this drink a pinkish hue, contains powerful antioxidant properties as does Aloe Vera, an extraordinary plant that Claire often recommends in her protocols. It maintains the body from the inside out, notably by cleansing the digestive system and the urinary tract, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Regular use of this plant stimulates the natural defences and intestinal well-being, which revives the skin and reinforces its natural radiance.


Serves 1

  • Some Raspberries
  • Pure Aloe vera gel (for internal consumption) (1-2 tbsp / glass)
  • Lemon or Lime
  • A few mint leaves
  • Fresh Coconut Water
  • Ice cubes


Serve in a glass with plenty of ice