Meet the muse

Julie Sergent Ferreri

August, 2020 | WORDS BY Julie Sergent Ferreri | @juliesfi

Vanessa Sposi invites you to discover her most inspiring Muses and to meet Julie Sergent Ferreri, talented Corsican architect and influential fashion designer of the summer! 

Originally from Ajaccio, Julie draws a studied Instagram profile, a racy and temperately full-bodied silhouette, inspired by design, and a virtuoso at capturing the energy of the moment. We invite you to discover her universe, her view on eco-responsible fashion, her inspirations, a real ray of sunshine, in this new season! 

The Boater Hat with Silk Band, @juliesfi 

Where do you get your inspiration?

Like many of us, I draw my inspiration from Instagram very often, but also from the fashion shows of the designers I admire as well as from encounters! 

What is your muse? & What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

I am a great admirer of Jeanne Damas, the Parisian par excellence! And Anne Laure Mais, who I find very inspiring, among many others! 

What is the most memorable place you’ve traveled to? Your favorite sunny destinations?

My road trip on the West Coast of the USA without hesitation, especially Monument Valley which I found spectacular. Otherwise for the sun I remain faithful to my Island, I never leave Corsica in summer since always!

A secret or hidden talent?

I don’t think I have any particular talent but I’m a freediver who pushes me to surpass myself!  

How do you see eco-responsible fashion?

An admiration for brands that care about the environment and make it accessible to everyday life while remaining trendy! Without being blameless we can all contribute to the environment, personally I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 3 years and I try to reduce my impulsive purchases of fast fashion!

3 words to define your world?

It’s quite difficult to define it myself but I would say: colorful, simple but studied!

The Triangle Top and The High Waist Brief in Ocre, @juliesfi 

“Without being blameless we can all contribute to the environment…”

Julie’s Instagram, @juliesfi 
The Triangle Top and The High Waist Brief in Ocre, @juliesfi 
The Gathered Blouse and The Boater Hat with Silk Band, @juliesfi 
The Triangle Top and The High Waist Brief in Ocre, @juliesfi