Claire Andreewitch

Vanessa Sposi invites you to meet Claire Andreewitch, expert in Naturopathy and Holistic Beauty, with whom we had the chance to collaborate this summer on the Summercare rituals to adopt throughout the summer.

Originally from Sweden, the author of “Révélez votre Glow” invites us to discover her universe, her view on eco-responsible fashion and her inspirations.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Life! My boy and my loved ones, my clients, people, unexpected situations, music, reading… inspiration is to be found everywhere! And a journey is always an obvious source of inspiration

What is your muse? & What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

I don’t have a muse… it’s sincerely my close friends that inspire me the most. I’m surrounded by the people I love and who inspire me. For me it’s one of the most important things in life, to be surrounded by and away from people who deprive us of energy and who “vibrate low”.

Some IG accounts that I like: garyvee @lewishowes @the.holistic.psychologist @sparkleinspire @lagencechezjulia @matthieuetpauline @lucile_champy @c’estsibon_nutrition @sentaraholistic and @vanessasposi of course! And I forget a lot of other great ones… but apart from work I spend little time looking at the accounts (there’s too much time consuming shit there too haha).

What is the most memorable place you’ve traveled to? Your favorite sunny destinations?

Hawaii was magical, but in a more regular way that I love for sunbathing: Mallorca, Cap Ferret, Sicily, Comporta…

A secret or hidden talent?

Secrets remain secrets 😉

How do you see eco-responsible fashion?

I’m very sensitive to it! That’s why I chose to work for Stella McCartney when I was still in the fashion area… today it should be obvious to act more eco-responsible in terms of its global consumption…

3 words to define your world?

Love, Light & Vibrance

“today it should be obvious to act more eco-responsible in terms of its global consumption…”