« X » as a together, « X » as a meeting, « X » as in multiplying creativity.
Vanessa Sposi teams up with content creator, author, and podcast host Lindsey Holland for
a vibrant and alethic capsule collection launching exclusively in Pre Order at 5th of May.


Vanessa Sposi x Lindsey Holland capsule collection marries the feminine with the athleisure in a timeless aesthetic. The result is effortless style with a sporty edge.


The collaboration is united by a passion for creating meaningful and sustainable pieces that fuse simplicity with strength, inspiring confidence in the wearer. The collection consists of three timeless styles: a classic swimsuit, along with a square bikini tip with petite briefs classic styles in a deep effervescent blue lending it’s colouring from the sky and sea. A classic swimsuit, along with a square bikini tip with petite briefs. Made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon and the linings are impregnated with natural Antioxidants, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, to soothe and nourish sun-drenched skin – a signature of all Vanessa Sposi collections.
Vanessa Sposi x Lindsey Holland is also unveiling a must-have piece to pair with the light linen from core Vanessa Sposi offering. The Cap embeds effortless nonchalant elegance and key for covering up from the sun.
“I love the style and feminine energy of Lindsey’s silhouettes and have always admired how her accessories can add the perfect sporty touch to an outfit. “She understands the beauty in minimalism and sustainability, and I love how closely our universe are able to co-exist. Working with her on this partnership was amazing and I am so proud to have created four timeless pieces that will make the women wearing them feel effortless and confident.” – Vanessa Sposi
The Campaign featuring Lindsey Holland was shot at Vanessa Sposi’s apartment tucked away in Central Paris, with collaborator photographer Maxime Tetard. Evoking the relaxed notion of summer mode where linen and balcony hangs interjects with bright cobalt blue nodes transporting the wearer to the sea, with Mediterranean emotions and energy.