What is your favourite pastime?

Swimming is something very special to me. I especially love swimming outdoors and do it as much as I can all year round. Reading is another favourite pastime. I find it very calming and comforting and if I can be doing it lying on a beach, then that’s my idea of heaven.

Favourite place you love to visit for inspiration?

I’m good at drawing inspiration from anywhere new. I love to travel and find exploring new places so invigorating. I’ve recently moved to Lisbon; Portugal and I feel so incredibly inspired every day here. Particularly being by the sea. There’s nothing like being out in the open and close to the water to let my mind wander.

Does the way you think about design influence the way you dress?

Absolutely. Design is very important to me – in all areas of my life – not just fashion. When it comes to clothes, I truly respect the craftsmanship that goes on behind the scenes which informs what I choose to wear and how I dress. But above all else, I wear what makes me feel happy and comfortable.

How do you view sustainable fashion?

It is an incredibly important part of working in this industry. I am very selective about brands that I partner with, and I try to maintain the notion that less is more when you buy high quality clothing. I enjoy fashion but I’m mindful of consumption and I want to make choices that reduce the impact on our environment. Vanessa’s commitment to sustainability was one of the key reasons I chose to work together.

How did the Vanessa Sposi x Lindsey Holland collection come to life? Did the vision remain the same from ideation to build? What was the most surprising element through the whole process?

I am so excited to be working on this project and have been since Vanessa first came to me with the idea. Vanessa’s ethos for her brand is ‘beauty meets the sea’ and that really resonates with me. I wanted this collection to represent me and how I want to feel when I’m at the beach and in the sunshine. I think everyone feels their most beautiful when they’re in a place they love –
and for me that’s by the sea. Vanessa’s values are very much aligned to my own and I completely trusted her vision for this collaboration which didn’t really change from our initial conversations. I wanted something that was true to my style and felt like me. As I always feel most at home in something more relaxed and sportier, that’s what we have created together.

Lots of inspiration for the colour palette came from my favourite memories of being by the sea: the changing blues of the ocean, creamy warm sand, a beloved beach towel I had as a child. All these things are very evocative, and they informed a lot of my choices with this collection. It’s been a very personal project the whole way through.

The most surprising element of the entire process was seeing how much technical consideration goes into pieces that appear so simple. Vanessa was the perfect mentor to guide me in terms of shape, cut and fabrication: it has been a joy learning from her.

Tell us about the pieces of the Capsule. Is there a standout piece you were excited to introduce?

I love all the pieces but I’m most excited about the bikini. It is the absolute perfect fit and I can’t believe I’ve been able to design it with Vanessa. Swimwear is such a difficult thing to get right and I’m so proud of what we’ve created together. I can’t wait to wear everything.

If you could invest in one timeless piece, what would it be?

It’s always a bag for me. Something beautiful and practical that suits the work/life balance I’m
always trying to get right! I have a couple of designer bags that I’ve had for years and use every
day. I still love them after all this time, and they continue to work with my wardrobe and how I
live – that is what timeless means to me.

Campaign Credits
Shot at Vanessa Sposi’s Paris Apartment.
Photographer: Maxime Tetard
Stylist: Vanessa Sposi and Sophie Guezennec
Make Up Artist: Vanille Gautier
Talent: Lindsey Holland