Vanessa sat down with Julie to chat about her creative process for Vanessa Sposi x Julie Sfi, and to find out what feeling the sea evokes in her and what place she is dreaming of returning to.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Julie, I’m from Corsica where I was born and raised. I currently spare my time inbetween my two  jobs. I’m an architect & an influencer. I live in-between Paris & Ajaccio.

As a VS Woman with mantra: beauty meets the sea. Tell us about the feeling the sea evokes in you

Sea smells like…

Sea smells like my childhood, we have a boat in Corsica, and we used to take it every day during summer break with my cousins and family!

The place I’m dreaming of returning to is…

The place I’m dreaming of returning to is New York right now! I need to feel the energy of the city again. And to rest I would dream of returning to Amangiri Resort, the most beautiful and calming place in the world!

I’m most creative when…

I’m most creative when Summer is coming! I love swimsuit and comfy clothes, feeling free and moving around without carrying a coat

I draw inspiration from….
I draw inspiration from pretty much everything and everyone, from my friends to strangers on the street

My favourite place to escape…

My favourite place to escape is Ile Rousse where I spend my Summer since I was born

If I wasn’t an Architect, I’d be…

If I wasn’t an Architect, I’d be working in fashion, so I guess I get the best of both worlds now

My favourite colour is…

My favourite colour is green

In my spare time I love to…

In my spare time I love to have a walk with my doggy

My favourite piece from the Vanessa Sposi x Julie Sfi capsule collection is…

My favourite piece from the Vanessa Sposi x Julie Sfi capsule collection is the green two piece!

How did Vanessa Sposi x Julie Sfi come to life? Did the vision remain the same from ideation to build?

This collection came naturally because I knew the brand since a few years and when Vanessa asked me if I would be in to collaborate, It was just meant to be!

I knew exactly what I wanted for the collection and Vanessa had the exact same vision, so it’s been an amazing experience! Green is my favourite colour, so I obviously wanted to include it in this capsule. We had a couple of meetings with Vanessa to find the perfect green shade and put it on my number 1 shape: a 2 pieces swimsuit with high waist bikini.

How do you view sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is to me a very interesting topic that I value a lot. Being sustainable can mean a lot of different things; It cannot be limited to the environmental part but should also include the social commitment    of the brands.

I find it pretty positive that more and more brands start focusing on sustainability and that they do not only focus on the materials they use but also on the way the products are manufactured, shipped etc..c

Nobody, brands nor consumers, is yet perfect when it comes to sustainability. It’s great however that products with sustainable quality are now as good or even better than classic products. We are no longer at the stage where sustainable products meant no design, poor quality and high price.

I truly believe that the power is now in the hands of the consumers. If everyone starts selecting brands that are doing their best to improve themselves in terms of sustainability, I guess that the offer will be compelled to meet the demand.

Campaign Credits
Photograph: Maxim Tetard
Styling: Vanessa Sposito
MUA: Luna Betsch
Talent: Julie Sfi