APRIL, 2020

SUMMER 0I by Vanessa Sposito



I am very pleased to present our first ETE 01 Collection for Spring-Summer 2020.This collection was inspired by the freedom of summer. Summer always reminds me of endless opportunities and experiences.

Whether on long days on the beach, in your garden or on a hot summer night, I wanted this collection to offer key pieces that go from day to night, from trip to trip on one or different continents, alone or with your loved ones .

Each style is designed to be functional and effortless. 

xx VS

A new summer, a new more responsible behaviour, the beginning of a beautiful ethical adventure to preserve the beauty of women and the planet.

Photographed by Maxime Tetard and filmed by Gautier Billote in Ibiza, the island of the designer’s heart, this series of images and films presents a vision of optimism for the new season.

This campaign marks the ETE 0I that women will spend with their VANESSA SPOSI swimsuits.

Gone are the fast-fashion swimsuits and ephemeral memories, now it’s time for authenticity and sincerity for a more responsible consumption and the will to go back to basics.

Inspired by the rich cultural crossbreeding and the raw and sunny Ibiza settings, Vanessa embarks on a celebration of color creating a tableau of pastel and neutral toned redolent of the rise and setting of the sun

The designer unveils a collection that honours women. An Ode to beauty and effortless style, for today’s modern woman, with a sleek 90’s design, seamless finish, with the nourishing power of antioxidants, for a most sculptural fit that embodies femininity.

More than just a garment, the swimsuits in this first collection are thought and designed to last. They accompany us throughout our summers, witnessing our most beautiful moments, summer after summer.

The promise of a beautiful summer,